When everything began

In 1924, the founder Tetsugoro Ono started the business as circular knitter in using Tsuriami-ki (suspending machines) before developed his original knitting machines in 1949 to serves the client's needs because at this time, most knitters were located in Kansai where are the core region of textiles industry supply chain.
Thanks to this decision and strong mind, the "Ono Style" becomes popular for his high quality and throughout the ages in becoming a new standard in making greige for the Kanto region.
But it wasn't end of what we wanted so in 1993 owner decided to evolve in founding our first business office to sell finished fabrics.
Our history has strengthened us to provide experience and craftsmanship techniques raising our company become one of the major high quality jersey suppliers in the world.


Bring wonder & happiness by craftsmanship

Thanks to almost one century of history / experience & in keeping the corporate vision in mind, we continue to select the best raw material around the world to make unequal fabric and try to satisfy our clients as much as possible while offering them wonderment and emotion through our qualities.

Research & Development

Ahead of the future

At the first, we focus on the research of the best raw material and new yarn treatment in order to develop the most beautiful fabrics.
However it is the endless process that’s why we established a R&D division in 2016.
We try to expand our professional textiles industry knowledge and develop new manufacture techniques.
Thanks to this division & great partnership, we make exceptional natural antibacterial & deodorant fabric which both use fantastic material never use before.
Our purpose is not to pursuit the future but to be it and reach an unrivaled world.

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