CEO Motonobu Ono
Head office Tokyo office (Domestic / Overseas division)
Koto-ku Kameido 1-42-18
Hidaka Bld 5F
136-0071 Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 03-6821-5524
Fax: 03-6821-5663
Access Map
Factory Sawara Factory
Katori-shi Sawara i 458-1
287-0003 Chiba, Japan
Tel: 04-7855-9851
Fax: 04-7855-9852
Access Map
Type of industry Textile maker and manufactured goods sales
Establishment 1924
Foundation March 1st, 1957


1924 Establishment of the company by Tetsugoro Ono.
1949 Start the production of knitting machines
1962 Construction of the first factory at Matsudo in Chiba prefecture
1968 Extension of the Matsudo factory
1993 Foundation of first business office at Dojima to sales fabrics.
1995 Migration of the business office to Sumida-ku Taihei in Tokyo
2003 Cosmorama patent application
2004 First exhibition to premiere vision
2007 Start of the yarn production in India
2008 Foundation of the Overseas division
2009 Cosmorama patent acquisition
2012 Foundation of the OEM / ODM division
2014 Migration of the factory to Katori-shi Sawara in Chiba prefecture
2016 Foundation of CSM MARCO Inc. as subsidiary company instead of OEM / ODM division
2017 Migration of the business office to Koto-ku Kameido


Artisanal manufacture in a blessed land

We moved our factory to Katori-shi Sawara in 2014 commonly call the little Kyoto of Chiba's prefecture because of it's authentic setting ideal for craftsmanship and maximize our yield of production.
Also the proximity with Tokyo's office is a additional value to make greige sample quickly or split yarn spool.

Superficies of the factory: 4300 square meters.

Equipment: 40 sets knitting machines (including very short RIB machines), winding machines, greige control machines, greige & finished rolls warehouse.

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