COSMORAMA® Future proof cotton

Stunningly beautiful high twist cotton

COSMORAMA® series only select the most premium extra long-staple cotton fiber from India with our exclusive original yarn treatment.
We have studied several years on the perfect yarn treatment to achieve and luckily the results are truly breathtaking.
An unbelievable hand feeling & drape with a natural luxury glory appearance making this series one of the most precious 100% cotton fabric in the world.

When beauty equal amazing functions

Usually cotton fabrics are suffered the phenomenon of static electricity because of their natural properties and hairiness causing fabrics stick each together.
Thanks to our long-term research & trials we finally succeed and fix this serious problem without using any chemicals.
In 2009, COSMORAMA® was patented as the only one "Fastening Free" cotton Fabric.
To crown it all, COSMORAMA® also has quick dry function which was only observe on cross-section polyester fabrics before.


  • ONO original yarn & treatment.
  • 100% pure premium extra long-staple cotton from India.
  • Fastening free (Patented in 2009).
  • Natural quick dry property.
  • Comfortable wear, beautiful drape with luxury look.
Above data depends on fabric specification and are not guarantees for all Cosmorama® items.
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